Colonial Travel Agency

Who we are?

We are a travel agency based in Antigua Guatemala. Our professional and specialized staff will give you a top quality service adapted to your needs.

We have the experience to offer you the best in all our services and tours, so that you live, enjoy and learn about Guatemala’s wonders.

Colonial Travel Agency HQ

Our Office

A great variety of tours!


  • Collective transfers (Shuttles) to different destinations in Guatemala
  • Private transfers
  • Tourist packages
  • Tours for groups
  • Tickets sale to destinations within Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Belize
  • Variety of tours to all touristic destinations in Guatemala

Our mission

Provide innovative tourism services to our clients through continuous improvement in all our processes, with trained staff to provide you the best experience within Guatemala.

Our vision

To be the leading agency in tourism services within Guatemala, making our clients live unparalleled experiences.